Fars province is known as cradle of Iran culture and civilization.

The existence of four UNESCO sites, as well as historical cities of Istakhr, Bishapour, Goor, Sarmashhad, Darabgerd and more than 30 Sassanian bas-reliefs indicate the historical importance of this Province.
The province recorded 3000 monuments on the national heritage list, and ranks first in the country.

World Heritage sites

Fars province, in which Shiraz is located, Boasts 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites such as: Pasargadae, Persepolis, Eram Garden, as well as historical cities of Anshan and Malian; which date back to Elamite era.
Historical Sites
Along with those Four UNESCO sites, Fars province is home to many more historical sites such as The Quran Gate, Vakil Baths and mosque, Karim Khan Citadel, Bishapour, , Naqshe-Rostam and many more.. Shiraz is also home to the tombs of two of the most prominent Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi
Shiraz is home to Restaurants and Hotels which are famous through out Iran and beyond. Two of the most well known Hotels in Shiraz are “Shiraz Hotel” and “Hotel Chamran” Shiraz is also famous for it’s cuisine, with foods such as Kalam-Polo and Shirazi salad well known among all Iranians. If you’re looking for a restaurant to try them, Haft-Khan is definitely your top choice.
Natural Tourism
Shiraz is known through out Iran as the city of gardens, and for good reason! Within Shiraz you can find many different geographical and climatic variations, along with myany kinds of wildlife. If you’re visiting Iran to see why it’s called the four season country; then you mustn’t miss the Fars and its natural beauty.
Medical Tourism
Shiraz is quickly becoming the medical and health centre of Iran, and already it has managed to attract a growing number of visitors, both local and foreign; as they’re able to employ the high quality services of the city at a much lower cost.

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