Health Tourism of Shiraz

Many tourists demand for high quality health services and natural as well as artificial remedial centers with reasonable prices such as mineral springs, hot water springs, mountain resorts and etc. Having a well established precedence in medical services, Fars province has been an important hub of domestic and international tourists.

Why Shiraz ?

Shiraz has a unique competitive advantage compared with other countries in the world and the region in terms of modern medical centers, proficient physicians, reasonable medical expenses, and natural attractions like spas. Therefore, Iran has become one of the unique destinations in the field of health tourism. Shiraz has a high international reputation in treatments such as infertility, ophthalmology, stem cells, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, brain surgery, pulmonary diseases, organ transplants, minimally invasive gums and jaw surgeries, etc.

reasonable prices

Due to its reasonable prices, Shiraz has been a medical hub for Persian Gulf residents who prefer take the journey to use these health services.

modern Equipment

Iran exports medical Equipment to 55 countries; with the existence of many modern hospitals and equipment, especially in Shiraz.

Natural Health Tourism

Many natural heath locations such as spas, and mineral springs; make Fars province an attractive natural health tourism hot-spot.

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