The natural beauty of Fars

The Geographical and climatic variations of the province causes varieties of plants, consequently, variations of wildlife has been formed in Fars. Moreover, many kinds of birds migrate to the province every year such as ducks, storks and swallows.
The main native animals of the province are gazelle, deer, mountain wild goat, ram, ewe and different kinds of birds.
The province of Fars includes many protected wildlife zones!

Margoon Waterfall – Sepidan

Sepidan Ski Resort

The generous nature of Sepidan has made its ski resorts popular place for the lovers of winter sports. The Puladkaf international resort is the southernmost ski resort and also the fifth biggest in Iran. Having and adventure here is not limited to the winter alone as visitors can enjoy a variety of summer activities susch as grass skiing, riding a zip line and cable cars. In addition to this, nature lovers can find their way around the town by visiting its various mountains, waterfalls, canyons, spring and lakes

Ghalat Village

Perfectly hidden between willow and plane trees, cool weather and cozy atmosphere, and being away from the bustle of the city, Ghalat Village is a beautiful oasis to see. if you are interested in rural tourism or hiking a mountain, this is an exceptional choice for you.

Ghalat is an old form of the world village and it means somewhere that has steamed springs and good weather.

Maharloo Lake

Shiraz’s pink lake, officially the Maharloo lake, is also known as Daryacheye-namak in Persian, meaning the “lake of salt”.

The lake’s salt, gives it it’s pinkish colour and reflection. The lake is considered a suitable and valuable habitat for migratory birds and wild animals; most notably flamingos

Maharloo lake is a seasonal lake, and as such the intensity of the colour changes depending on when you’re visiting it, so make sure that you pick the right time to see this place in all its glory!

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