Enjoy the famous hospitality of Shirazy people

Shiraz has some of the best hotels in Iran, as it hosts many local and foreign tourists all year around.

Shiraz is also home to some of the finest restaurants in Iran; along with Shirazy cuisine such as Kalam-Polo (rice with cabbage) and Shirazy Salad; which is a salad made of finely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and onions in vinegar.



Is a five star hotel located near Quran Qate and close to many other touristic sites in Shiraz. The hotel welcomes guests with luxurious rooms, laundry services, travel agency, meeting and banquette rooms, sports complex for men and women and game zone.  

Zandiyeh Hotel

is one of the best, if not the best 5 star hotel in Shiraz. its location is just by Karim-khan citadel, and only 20 minutes away from the airport. Booking at this hotel is quite an experience, with art works from the past which are probably centuries old; hanging on the walls; precious Zandiye era monuments are found within, and wherever you look you’re mesmerized by Persian architecture. 


Shirazy local cuisine is well known throughout the nation

Some of the delicious cuisine of Fars province are Kalam Polo (cabbages cooked rice), Shekar Polo (sugar rice), Ash-e-Anar (pomegranate pottage), Shiraz lemon juice, Masqati (local sweet), pickles Herb juices and Faloodeh (starch, rose water and sugar)

Haft Khan restaurant

Widely popular with fashionable Shirazis; Haft Khan offer 4 types of dining 

There’s generous buffet on the ground floor, a fast food court on the second floor, an a la carte restaurant on the third floor serving Iranian BBQ and a tea house on the roof. The ground floor buffet includes a huge array of traditional Iranian dishes and freshly baked bread with cheese and herbs.

Baaghe Raaz (Raaz garden)

Baaghe Raaz, or Secret Garden, is a must try dining experience in Shiraz

The restaurant complex is situated in an stunning modern building, surrounded by a garden of old trees. The restaurant has three different sections: The interior, The open dining in the garden and the rooftop which gives you unparalleled views; each with different menus

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